Covered Parking Protects Your Investment

Published on 10/26/2018

Covered parking is a great option for storing your RV or boat. It costs less per month than a fully enclosed storage space but offers a great level of protection for your expensive boat, camper or motor home.

Covered parking at Beaver Storage

We all know what the sun can do to boat upholstery and RV roofs, not to mention the fading that occurs on all exterior surfaces! Covered parking will shield your investment from many of these damaging sun rays. 

Having your rig under cover also protects it from rain and hail. Since at least one end of the storage space is open, your boat or RV won't be shielded from all of the elements. Occasionally some rain will reach your RV or the sun may hit the inside of the parking space at a certain time during the day. But your cost savings compared with a fully enclosed unit are significant with covered storage.

Beaver Storage Awning units

At Beaver Storage in Avoca, our covered parking is a little more than half the cost per square foot of our regular fully enclosed spaces. In addition, the overhead clearance in the covered parking is greater than all but the very largest spaces on the property.

Consider protecting your boat or RV with a covered awning unit!