Rent Storage

We have a variety of unit sizes and types to meet every storage need.


Small beaver storage small units  2

Units this size may have an overhead or swing door. Entrance may or may not have a lip. Please call our office if you require certain parameters.

$45 / month

CC 5 X 10 (5.0x10.0)

Small climate control storage
$60 / month


Small beaver storage 5x11
$46 / month


Small beaver storage 6x10
$47 / month


Small beaver storage 10x10

10x10 units may or may not have a lip at the entry. Please call our manager before renting a specific unit if this is of concern to you.

$57 / month

CC 10 X 10 (10.0x10.0)

Small new climate control storage
$84 / month


Small beaver storage 10x15
$72 / month

CC 10 X 15 (10.0x15.0)

Small climate control 10x15
$112 / month


Small beaver storage 10x20

10x20 units may or may not have a raised entry. If this is a concern for you, please call our manager to assist you in choosing the exact unit that is right for you.

$88 / month

CC 10 X 20 (10.0x20.0)

Small climate control 10x20
$130 / month


Small beaver storage 10x20
$96 / month

AW 12 X 21 (12.0x21.0)

Small 20180316 122145
$55 / month


Small beaver storage 11x25
$107 / month


Small beaver storage 11x30
$114 / month


Small beaver storage 11x30
$124 / month

OS 12 X 30 (12.0x30.0)

Small rv   boat parking
$40 / month

AW 12 X 31 (12.0x31.0)

Small rv awnings 31 ft.
$80 / month