My gate code isn't working:

If you are unable to open the security gate, here are a few things you can try:
  1. Be sure to enter the # key after you put in your personal code.
  2. Is your account current? If there is a balance due, the system automatically locks you out of the facility until you pay.
  3. Are you using the correct code? If you aren't sure of your security code, you can log into your online account to find it or call our office during normal business hours.
  4. If your account is current, you can open the gate by texting OPEN to 479-244-2538.

I lost the key to my lock:

If you have lost the key or combination to your unit padlock, our manager can remove it during regular office hours. There is a fee for this service and it will ruin your lock. Call the office number to set up an appointment.