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8 X 10      $35    Our smallest size available. Perfect for a small number of stacking boxes or a piece of large furniture or equipment.

10 X 10    $42    The 10 X 10 is about the size of a very small bedroom. Stack things and you could fit a small apartment worth of items in this space.

10 X 15    $57    Good for a full 1 bedroom or a minimalist's 2 bedroom apartment or house.

10 X 20    $68    This is about the size of a 1 car garage. This size is good for a small vehicle or the contents of a 2 or 3 bedroom apartment or house.

10 X 24    $79    

10 X 30    $96    These 2 sizes are the choice for bass boats and household items from larger homes. 

11 X 30    $100

12 X 30    $108  30 foot units will hold larger boats or a household full of items with room for aisle space and shelves.

12 X 40    $150  Big units for RV's or other equipment, longer boats, you name it! These have doors large enough to accommodate a moderate size RV.

Outside Parking   $22 for back in spaces  $28 for pull through's.

Eureka Springs, Arkansas

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